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Welcome to the German Welfare Council

The German Welfare Council (formerly also known as German Advice Centre) offers independent help and advice free of charge for people with personal and social problems. This help is provided by a bilingual social worker with a wide experience of statutory and voluntary provisions for social care in both Germany and the UK.

The German Welfare Council was founded in 1952 and is a registered charity since 1983. It is politically and denominationally independent. The aims and perspectives of this charity have changed over the past 60 years of its existence according to the trend of people emigrating and immigrating. Giving advice on social security provisions, pensions and EU regulations has therefore become more and more important. The staff of the German Welfare Council also tries to help people in financial crisis situations and many other welfare issues which arise from the increased number of employee transfer and their family moving between Germany and the UK.

In order for the German Welfare Council to continue its work, it relies heavily on private and corporate subscriptions and donations in addition to financial support from other funds.

What we do

  • EU Advice (e.g. moving between Germany and UK)

  • Pension/Compensation Advice

  • Long-term Support

  • Applying for grants for people in financial crisis

  • Life Certificates for German pensions


Das German Welfare Council (früher auch bekannt als German Advice Centre) bietet unabhängige und kostenlose Hilfe und Beratung bei persönlichen und sozialen Fragen an. Unsere zweisprachige Mitarbeiterin (Diplom-Sozialpädagogin) verfügt über umfassende Kenntnisse sozialrechtlicher Grundlagen, sowie über die Arbeitsweisen sozialer Organisationen in Deutschland und Großbritannien.

Das German Welfare Council ist ein politisch und konfessionell ungebundener gemeinnütziger Verein. Die Ziele und Perspektiven der Charity haben sich in den 60 Jahren ihres Bestehens stark gewandelt. Schwerpunkte heute sind sozialrechtliche Beratungen, Rentenberatungen und Beratungen im Bereich der EU-Regulierungen. Die Mitarbeiterin des German Welfare Councils versucht außerdem Menschen in Krisensituationen und bei anderen sozialen Problemen zu helfen, die die verstärkte Migration zwischen Deutschland und Großbritannien mit sich bringt.

Damit der German Welfare Council arbeiten kann, ist er im Wesentlichen auf Eigeneinnahmen in Form von Spenden und Mitgliedsbeiträgen angewiesen. 

Was wir anbieten

  • EU-Beratung (z.B. Umzug D/GB und GB/D)

  • Rentenberatung

  • Allgemeine Sozialberatung

  • Lebensbescheinigungen für deutsche Renten


The UK will remain a full member of the EU until they officially exit. All the rights and obligations of the EU membership remain in place until then. The British government has confirmed that under EU law people do not need a document to confirm their residence status in the UK.

Last year we had more and more cases were a permanent residence document (which is the first step to apply for the British Nationality) was declined, either because clients applied under wrong regulations or because a Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI) for student or self-sufficient times was missing.
People who like to apply for a permanent residence document need to prove five continuous years in one or all of the following categories:

For more information please see the website of the German Embassy or follow https://www.gov.uk/eea-registration-certificate/overview or feel free to contact us.

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